My Name is Stephanie

I love to cook, eat, create, play, gab, and sleep. I live in a mid-size town in good old Missouri-smack dab in the middle of the country (just in case you weren’t sure) with my husband, Justin, son, Owen, baby girl, Brooklyn, and dogs, Charlie and Ella. We do our best to follow the Lord’s will for our lives as we make our way through this crazy world.


I love to cook

This is my hobby. I didn’t used to think I had one, but now if people ask, or if I have to fill out some weird quiz, my answer is always “cooking.” I used to say reading or exercise (the latter is soooo not true), but they were just sort of filler items for “I don’t know.”

I love to cook. And we talk about food in our house all. the. time. We have approximately 5.2 million kitchen gadgets housed in our cabinets and taking up real estate on our countertops…but, there’s always room for one more 😉 I’ll be sure to let you know about my faves.

I hate doing dishes, so you may find ways to use as few dishes as possible here 🙂

Additionally with a husband and 2 growing kiddos I need to save money in as many ways possible. We try to eat healthy and not break the bank.


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